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Other details When you're just thinking of how to start a blog online and are short of money but still want to start your blog, you might be thinking which cost can you cut down and which cost is essential. One of the main costs which you can cut down is to get free hosting.

There is a lot of confusion around free hosting because some of the blogger says that free hosting is good enough and there are some others say that it limits your growth but the truth is that when you're speaking of free hosting, there are very few sites which can actually help you out.

That means that instead of picking each and every free host which you come across, you have to be very selective with the free hosting websites which you choose because that is the only way in which you would be able to get your website hosted and get your website up and running as well.


This website provides you genuinely free hosting because it does not force you to present their ads on your blog neither does it force you to put links in the content as well. This is free hosting in the true sense because you do not have to compromise the privacy of your blog neither you have to put ads in front of your visitors.


We all know that WordPress is the world's most popular content management system but provides you with the option of hosting your blog of their sub domain as well.

The only disadvantage of this is that you cannot display advertising on such a blog.

Still, when you're just starting out your blog, this is one of the best options which you have got.

The content management system is already installed and therefore you do not have to worry about the content management system usage as well.


This site not only allows you to post your blog post but it also allow you to build your blog according to the design you want as well and you can use even HTML modifications as well. The customisation options are unlimited and much more as compared to the above 2 options which we have discussed about.

That is why, if you want to customise your blog and if you want to ensure that you are really having more freedom when it comes to free hosting, this is the option to go for.


If you're looking to present your work or if you're a web designer looking for a free portfolio creation option, this site is the best for you. You would not be able to create the blog entirely on this website but this one is good enough for showcasing your portfolio and for other such options as well.

That is why, it is important that you look into this option as well.

So, whenever you are looking for free hosting, you have to look into these points and make a decision about the free hosting choices which you have got and this decision you have to take before you can think about how to start a blog online.

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